It’s a new day!

Hello, my name is Kathie and I am a carb addict.   I crave cookies, brownies, cupcakes, pasta, potatoes, rice…i love it all!  Sweet and salty…mmm, who doesn’t love to crunch a few potato chips and toss in a couple of M&M’s at the same time?  Heavenly.

I have found that by perusing the foodie sites and drooling over the marvelous photos, that something in my soul is fulfilled. Kinda like shopping…. When searching for recipes I find myself turning my laptop away from my prying eyes, as if I was watching porn.  I take such enjoyment in the way a baker will frost a cupcake or how the light shines on a glossy gravy as it lays across a succulent piece of meat, the colors of life collected in a bowl of soup…Yes, food is of abnormal interest to me.  While others are playing video poker I am collecting recipes.

I am starting this blog so that hopefully I can learn of my other interests and put aside my carb cravings…

Join me in quest of learning to do new things and finding adventure in daily life!  Or just send me your favorite recipe….

It’s a new day,



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